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If you have recently suffered a bereavement, please accept our personal condolences.

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What to do when a loved one passes away


At Home

In the first instance you must contact the deceased's doctor. They or the duty doctor will visit and confirm that the patient has passed away. You should then contact us (any time, day or night, we are available 24 hrs) to make arrangements for bringing your loved one into our care, to our Chapel of Rest. The Doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, but this may not be available until the next day.


At a Nursing Home

The staff will arrange for a doctor to visit. Once he or she has confirmed the death, the home will contact us to make arrangements for bringing your loved one back into our care to our Chapel of Rest. The Doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, but this may not be available until the next day.


In Hospital

The doctor, who attended your loved one, will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. The Hospital Bereavement team will advise you when the certificate is available and you will need to make an appointment to collect it and any personal effects. They will advise you when you can register the death.


When Someone Dies Unexpectedly

If a death is unexpected or the deceased has not been seen by their doctor within the past 14 days, the coroner may need to be involved. The Coroner's duty is to investigate all sudden and unexpected deaths. This may include a post mortem examination to establish the cause of death and an inquest; we will guide you along with the Coroner's officer at all times through the process. In some cases the coroner will refer the death back the deceased's  GP and no further tests are required.


Registering A Death

If following the death, the doctor can certify as to the cause of death, a certificate will be issued. This certificate is known as 'The Medical Certificate of cause of death'. This certificate will need to be given to the registrar at time of registering the death of your loved one. This will be exchanged for another certificate that is bright green in colour. This certificate must be handed to C.S.Boswell in order for the funeral to go ahead. The death must be registered within 5 days of the death. (if the death is sudden and a doctor has not seen the deceased during the last 14 days, the Coroner may need to be involved. We will advise you along with the Coroner's officer what you need to do).


Upon registration, the Registrar will give you 1. Registrars Certificate for Burial or Cremation (otherwise known as the green form) and we require this for the cemetery or crematorium. 2. Certified Copy of an entry in the Register of Deaths (white form). This certificate is often referred to as the 'Death Certificate' and you may need this for official purposes such as closing bank accounts, Will, pension claims, insurance policies, etc. It is advised that you obtain at least two copies of this certificate, which are £11.00 each. 3. Notification/registration of death BD8, you will require this for the department of work and pensions


To make an appointment to register a death please call the Oxford Registration Service 

Tel: 0345 241 2489 or click the Oxfordshire County Council link below.





Tell Us Once Service

This is a new Government initiative which aims to ease the burden of notifying multiple local and central Government departments that a death has occurred as they will contact the organisations that need to know on your behalf.


You will need to make an appointment to register the death by telephoning the registrar’s office directly. You will need to take the following with you:

  • The medical Certificate of the cause of death.

  • The deceased's medical card, if possible.

  • The deceased's National Insurance Number,  Birth and Marriage Certificates, if available.

  • The registrar will ask you:

  • The deceased's first names and surname (and the maiden name, where appropriate).

  • The full postal address of the deceased.

  • The deceased's date of birth (town/county if born in the UK, country if born abroad).

  • The place and date of death.

  • The deceased's occupation and name and occupation of their spouse.

  • If the deceased was married, the date and place of birth of the surviving widow or widower.


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