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Funeral Choices

'For Every Life is Unique, So is Every Funeral'


We are proud to serve as Independent Funeral Directors of Oxfordshire and beyond.

Arranging the funeral

The funeral arrangements can be made at our homely style office or if it is more convenient, in the comfort of your own home.At our initial meeting we will explain the many options available and we will ask a number of questions. It is probable that you will not know all the answers and rather than rush into making the wrong decision, it is often best to take your time and to discuss it further with your wider family.


What is the right type of funeral?

It does not matter what type of funeral you would prefer, we will organise the service according to your specific wishes. We can arrange a traditional funeral or an alternative funeral, letting you remember your loved one in a unique way.Regardless of beliefs or culture we are able to offer you many different ways to make the funeral an individual, special and memorable experience.



The funeral can take place almost anywhere, but usually at a crematorium chapel, local church, village hall, sports hall, outside, private residence etc.



The whole service can take place at the crematorium or at a different venue first. Unlike a church or other venue, each crematorium has a time restriction, however a double time can be booked if a very large congregation or a long service is expected.



You may already have a family grave or you may wish for a new grave in one of the local town or parish cemeteries or local churchyards. Over the years some cemeteries and churchyards have become full and have subsequently closed, we can advise on what is available.


Religious or Non-Religious

The funeral can be carried out by a minister of religion and we can arrange for your local clergy to officiate. For those who have no religious beliefs we can organise a humanist or civil celebrant to officiate, alternatively a family member or friend can take the service. The service can include tributes, readings and poems, an address, a time of quiet reflection, songs and hymns.


Green & Woodland Funerals


Repatriation Services



We our proud of our immaculate Jaguar Funeral Vehicles, Available in Black, Silver and White

Specialist Vehicles available on request. 


Horse Drawn Funerals 

To View Our Range of Coffins Please Click Here- Coffins- Caskets - Cremated Remains Caskets /urns 


Newspaper Announcements

We can help you to write a newspaper announcement; these can be placed in a local newspaper or a national newspaper. We have several examples of how to write an announcement.


Eulogy and Music

To Order Floral Tributes Click Here  - All of our floral tributes are made by Anemone Florist


Funeral Stationery - All of Order of Services are printed in house by our design team. 




Memorials - We work in partnership with Banbury Memorials 


After Care - Please see our links page for further support


We have a large selection of coffins, caskets and vehicles  available on request,

please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Your Wishes in Your Time, Our Care Every Time ....

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